Friday, November 09, 2012

UP 844 at Bufflo, TX

I was just a few seconds too late in Jewitt to get any decent pictures so time for a new plan. Buffalo, the maintenance stop, is just up road a bit from Jewitt. Ok, how about something between here and there? I find a paved county road and head over to the tracks. Nothing special.

Buffalo is not far away now. The rail line goes over I45 but getting into position would have required a fair amount of time so that was not put into the equation. I head on in to downtown and the train is right behind me. It's maintenance stop time and a crowd is waiting.

The train stops for maybe 30 minutes and then it is off again. Here the train is accelerating away from the stop and approaching the north end of town.

From here on the woods thickens and opportunities lessen.

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