Monday, November 05, 2012

Turning 844 at Valley Jct

Hearne is 844's second home in Texas (smile) due to its central location and the convergence of several routes here. On the Fall trip down from Ft Worth the train needed to be turned in preparation for its departure for Palestine / Longview / Marshall. This event happened at the end of the day on the trip into town on Thursday October 18th.

The train took the connection from the Ennis sub to the Austin sub at Austin Jct and proceeded out to Valley Jct passing the diamond and pulling past the leg from Austin to Bryan. Once clear the train backed around the Austin sub to Navasota sub leg and cleared at CPQ 100 (Q100 as the crews call it)

The steamer then pulled forward and past the big grain elevator and over the diamond once again this time on the Navasota sub. Now another backing move from the Fort Worth sub (Valley Jct yard) back to the Austin sub and the turnaround was complete.

From here its back to Hearne to bed 844 down for the night.

And to get the Hearne Fire Dept involved in filling the bottle car with H2O.

With that, another day with the UP 844 comes to a close. Tomorrow, October 19th the train will depart for Palestine and eventually ending the day in Marshall.

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