Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Final Northward Leg of UP 844

I saw Devin Jackson at the depot in Palestine where he came to see the big steamer. He gave me a couple of ideas for departure photographs and I began snooping around. The maintenance stop was short and soon enough the 844 was back in motion northbound.

I didn't select anything in Palestine but rather opted for a private road overpass north of town. Unfortunately the trees get even thicker up here and are shading the train in many locations.

The train is got a good speed going on this line and the tracks are off in the trees for much of the run. The next spot is just north of the Neches River crossing on a dirt county road. I get there with a minute or so of time and setup the small Canon point and shoot on the mini tripod and I take the big Canon.

Uh oh. A gust of wind caught the little Canon and sucked it in toward the train. That can't be good!

Nope, it was not good and the Canon ... well ... let's say expired.

The physical damage was not extreme but it doesn't take much to put this little guys out of commission given how densely packed and intricate the electronics and mechanics is with these point and shoots. Ah well, I was ready for a replacement anyway and it had taken thousands of pictures and videos already.

I just picked it up and went on my way with the 844. A couple of miles down the road I decided to rescue the memory card for use later. Guess what, the memory card was gone! What? The area around the memory card holder received no damage and the access door had to be snapped to get it open. Hmmm. I went back to the scene to look for the memory card but ended up empty handed. Darn, there were some videos on there and I could have used the card in the next camera.

This final train of the chase passed by the location as I was searching for the liberated memory card.

I decided to bag the rest of the day and head back toward home. Devin Jackson recommended this place for a good barbecue lunch and I stopped in.

Another leg of the UP 844 trip(s) in Texas was in the hopper!

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