Tuesday, October 30, 2012

UP 844 in Aggieland Proper

The UP 844 train paused in Navasota for a 30 minute service stop and to meet and greet the locals. Inbound the 844 didn't have either the switch nor the signal to come off the Eureka sub so the steamer sat just short of the crowds while the dispatcher did some dispatching. Soon enough the train pulls up to downtown Navasota and the crowd descended.

Right behind the 844 one could hear another train horn and a BNSF empty unit coal job pulled up on their Conroe line. As the steamer cleared the empty coal got the signal to head on to Somerville and he did promptly.

I decided to head on north of Navasota and setup. The light is and has been coming from behind the steam train all morning so a more broadside shot was lined up just north of the old community of Nelleva.

From here I headed back to the high speed State Hwy 6 to make a run for the west side parking garage and a shot of the steam train passing Kyle Field and the Texas A&M campus. Luck was with me and I made it just in time.

The train ran around one at Bryan. The steamer took Main 2 while a northbound autorack sat on Main 1. A small crowd gathered in downtown Bryan to witness the big steamer navigate the sharp curve on the Navasota sub.

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