Monday, December 21, 2009

Old School Command Control

Today's high tech model train has DCC (Digital Command Control).  DCC does, well, everything.  :)  It controls the motor, the lights, the track turnouts (switches), signals, train sounds ... everything.  Now let's turn the calendar pages back, and back and back.  This is what "command" control looked like long ago ...

"Audio Engineer"

Here we have command control in its infancy.  You can speak into a controller and it will move your locomotive forward, backward or stop.  Hey, "Signal lamps by General Electric"!

Take a look at that microphone

Probably the thing that most caught my attention and forced me to take a closer look was the name of the company that produced this fine product.  What a fantastic 50's period piece name:  Electro-Nuclear Devices, inc.

Electro-Nuclear Devices, inc.


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