Sunday, August 03, 2008

New CEMEX hoppers?

My favorite local Mexican food restaurant was on the 'to do' list today and I stopped by on the way back from the lake. Afterwards, an inspection of the signals on the UP showed a northbound job headed my way. I kicked around a bit (it started to rain - been a long time since the last rain) and waited for him. The dispatcher changed plans and ended up sending him down Main 2 meaning my view would not be as good as the expected Main 1 route.

I noticed a group of bright aluminum hoppers cars in the train and really did not think that much of it. My guess was a few isolated coal gons headed back to Wyoming. A closer inspection showed the cars to be open top hoppers and to my surprise sporting CEMX reporting marks. Has CEMEX begun buying new rock hoppers? The cars were larger than the traditional rock cars seen in Central Texas. Of course, CEMEX's new yard switcher (remember the GEVO?) is larger than a traditional yard switcher!

Anyone know if CEMEX is buying new rock cars? Are the old WRRC car's days numbered?

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