Saturday, June 07, 2008

Some Train Videos from Saturday

I decided to take a spin out to the Valley on Saturday evening for a change. Downtown was the first stop. The signals at Bush Jct were lined for a southbound so I decided to hang around and take a few pictures of the rail park construction. The train showed up in short order.

Notice anything different about the YouTube video? Yeah, I know it should be better ... but they are now offering an annotation feature. It is a good way to embed a title on the video. What do you think? Ok, subsequent viewing tells me that the annotation thingy only works when the video is viewed on YouTube's pages not when embedded. I'll drop the URL in with each video so you can take a look.

I decided to take a different route out to the valley and I more or less followed the Navasota sub around Smetana. Good thing I did as a train appeared in the distance as I passed over the grade crossing at OSR (Old San Antonio Road). This train surprised me. I was pretty sure there was nothing else coming my way northbound out of the Valley.


There's more trains to come and I'll probably put them in future posts.

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