Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rocks at Sunset

I spent the late afternoon and early evening out at Lake Bryan riding the mountain bike trails. A quick swim in the lake was on tap after I cooled down from the ride which was a tad brutal. Around departure time a quick check of the signals indicated a northbound (coming in my direction) train was out of Bryan and heading for Mumford and Valley Jct. I decided to intercept ... here's the results.

If you follow the link to YouTube (, you can get a 'High Quality' version of this video. I've been playing with a H.264 codec that is supposed to deliver better quality for YouTube videos.

The sun was way too far gone to setup any still picture shot so I busted out the video portion of my little Sony pocket camera. Not bad results.

One thing I wish I would have tried to show in the video was the truck hunt action these Georgetown RR gondolas were exhibiting. Wow, some of the gons were really shaking as they ran along. I believe these empty rock trains have a maximum speed limit less than that for normal freights.

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