Sunday, May 25, 2008

Recuperation Sunday

BF and I said our farewells and departed the station at Saginaw around 7:30 or so Saturday evening. The trip home was smooth sailing with minimal traffic on IH35. Surprisingly even without any sleep I stayed awake and alert the whole trip back. BF caught some shut-eye late Friday night so I was hoping he was in a bit better shape that I would be for the trip home.

We arrived safe in College Station. Bryan had another 90 miles or so to go but seemed to be doing fine. I expected to be dead tired but found some extra energy and decided to pull the images from the cameras and unpack a few items.

Sunday morning I slept in and enjoyed the rest. With a steaming cup of coffee in my hand, the computer got fired up and I was ready to work on some of the images from the 24 hours. The web album needed some clean up and some additions from Saturday afternoon. Those tasks kept me busy for a couple of hours. The weather here was nice and I enjoyed some outside time Sunday afternoon visiting with friends.

Here's a couple more shots from Dallas Union Station.

TRE departing Dallas Union

Amtrak passengers boarding as a TRE arrives at Dallas Union Station


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