Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Intercepts

I was out in the late afternoon enjoying the sun. My travels intersected the paths of 4 trains. First up I took a drive to downtown to check up on the construction for the new rail park alongside the Navasota sub. There was an early plan to have the site ready for a downtown festival in late June. Hopefully the contractors will make it. Actually, the weather here has been quite agreeable for the season and the construction folks should have been able to work most days.

While I was downtown two trains arrived on the Bryan sub headed for Houston. Both trains looked to be general merchandise. The first one was shot in downtown with the telephoto zoom. There's too much clutter and the shot is head on but there really isn't much else you can do here.

A second train was running right behind him and I caught this job a little further south where Colorado Materials unloads rock trains. The light was even worse on this one which is unfortuate because the lead SD60 had a fairly fresh coat of paint.

Later in the evening I saw a pair of northbound trains near the campus. The first train had a pair of NS units for power. The second northbound, running right behind the NS job, was an empty rock train with the traditional high horsepower GEs for power.


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