Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sunshine Images from the Sony

Yesterday was the first day in a few when the sun came out. Showers and thunderstorms visited the area in the wake up hours but by late morning the skies had cleared and the sun arrived. I am really interested in seeing the results of the Sony WSC-W80 in sunlit scenes. Cloudy day and shadows rarely yield pictures that please me.

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The picture above was taken at lunch with full sun. The image quality is good enough for a $100 pocket camera (albeit the Sony's MSRP was much higher than that - perhaps $250 or more).


  1. Interesting blog...I just stumbled onto your blog, and I thought that you have some very interesting photographs, and a unique concept...

  2. Thanks for the comment. Railroading has been an interest of mine since a very early age.