Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Current Opinion on GPSed.com

It's time to update my stance on the GPSed.com service. You might have noticed that I was very positive on this site and service last week. After playing with the phone software more it has begun to aggravate me. Basically the GPSed.com software performance on my Motorola Q cellphone has been steadily going down. Their cellphone software for my Windows Smartphone has become 'buggy' and somewhat unstable. Oddly, the software was robust when I first loaded it a week and a few days back. Now the GPS position upload feature freezes up after a few minutes of operation and the program load time is unreasonably long.

I don't know what to say the problem is. I've removed and reloaded the software but no performance increase. I've cleaned out old track ... but still no improvement. At this time I've pretty much given up on this version of their software for a smartphone and will wait for the next round. I hope they get some of these problems ironed out because I really like the concept and hope to use it in the future.

How about a picture for this post? I scanned this from an old roll of print film and tried to get rid of the worst of the scratches. We have a Cotton Belt GP30 sitting in the engine house at Victoria, TX back when I was ... well ... much younger.

Cotton Belt GP30 at Victoria, TX


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